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DataIsland Software Announces USPS Verify for FileMaker Pro

HOLLYWOOD, FL - March 12, 2006 - DataIsland Software LLC today announced the release of USPS Verify 1.1 for FileMaker Pro.

The first in a series of BlackBox™ programs, USPS Verify allows users to verify US addresses while they are being entered in a FileMaker database.

Geoff Wells, CEO of DataIsland Software, explains that, " Our BlackBox™ programs are more than a plug-in but not quite an application. They are designed to be integrated into your FileMaker Pro solution and perform a specific task. You put data in - you get answers out."

USPS Verify is designed to assure that addresses are entered in a correct and consistent manner. It does this by querying the USPS address verification servers and retrieving the correct address format and zip code.

USPS Verfiy works both on a local desktop or installed on FileMaker Server 7, FileMaker Server 8 or FileMaker Server 8 Advanced.

The download file for USPS includes: USPS_Verify.fp7, DemoPeople.fp7, documentation and the Troi URL Plug-In. Each registered copy of USPS Verify includes a license to use the Troi Plug-In with USPS Verify, as well as a function to auto update the plug-in on networked desktops.

This BlackBox™ solution is easily integrated with your own solution by following the instructions in the documentation.

In demo mode you can use the DemoPeople.fp7 database and the USPS demo verification servers to test canned responses. Your copy of USPS Verify must be registered in order to use the live USPS verification servers.

Download your demo copy of USPS Verify from

USPS Verify pricing starts at $19.95 US for a single-user license.

Vicky Wells

3389 Sheridan Street, #521

Hollywood, FL 33021

866-228-5312 Toll Free - U.S. & Canada

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