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DataIsland Software Announces their New “Traveling FileMaker Developer” Program

HOLLYWOOD, FL - January 23, 2006 - DataIsland Software LLC today announced the launch of their new “Traveling FileMaker Developer” program. This program is designed so companies can benefit from having an experienced, Certified FileMaker Developer on site, while eliminating employment costs like vacation pay, medical insurance, government deductions, etc.

DataIsland Software is uniquely qualified to come to you - wherever you are!

DataIsland Software has a FileMaker 7 Certified Developer on staff with over ten years FileMaker Pro development experience who is available to travel, and authorized to work, in the United States, Mexico, Canada and all of the European Economic Community including the UK.

“There are companies everywhere that need experienced FileMaker developers but are unable to find them in their own area,” says DataIsland CEO, Geoff Wells. “We’re giving them another option.”

“Some companies are uncomfortable with the concept of telecommuting,” he continues, “even though this option is becoming increasingly popular.”

DataIsland also offers telecommuting as an option for companies seeking a certified FileMaker developer.

With DataIsland’s new “Traveling FileMaker Developer” program, you can have an experienced, certified FileMaker developer on site - for projects of 3 months or more.

How the “Traveling FileMaker Developer” program works:

For a minimum 3-month commitment, a certified FileMaker developer will travel to your office and remain until the project is complete.

DataIsland assumes any travel costs over and above a reasonable fixed relocation fee.

DataIsland assumes all accommodation and living costs during the term of the project.

DataIsland offers attractive hourly rates for these short-term contracts.

Can’t find an experienced, certified FileMaker developer in your area? Contact DataIsland Software at and click on “We Travel” for more information.

Media Contact:

Vicky Wells

954-364-7528 (Florida)

602-277-3607 (Arizona)

877-284-2782 Toll Free - U.S. & Canada

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