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DataIsland Software Announces New Custom Functions for FileMaker Pro

HOLLYWOOD, FL - January 23, 2006 - DataIsland Software LLC announced the release of 13 new custom functions for FileMaker Pro.

These new Custom Functions, along with 10 others, are available for FREE download from

One of the coolest features introduced in FileMaker Developer 7, and continued in FileMaker 8 Advanced, is the ability to design and incorporate your own custom functions into your programs.

DataIsland Functions is a collection of custom functions that you are welcome to include in your own programs. DataIsland Functions were designed so that you can try out each function, and view the code that makes it work, even if you don't currently own a copy of FileMaker Developer 7 or FileMaker 8 Advanced.

To view and download these FREE custom functions, go to and click on “Custom Functions”.

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