BlackBox Programs

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What’s a BlackBox™ Program?

More than a plug-in but not quite an application, BlackBox™ programs are designed to be integrated into your FileMaker solution and perform a specific task. As a background process they have no interface. You put data in - you get answers out.

USPS Verify

USPS Verify is a BlackBox™ program you integrate into your solution to take care of the coding and communication between your desktop or server and the United States Postal Service servers.

Pass an address or part of an address to USPS_Verify and it will query the U.S.P.S. servers and return a full, correctly formatted address.

USPS_Verify works both on a local desktop or installed on FileMaker Server 7 or 8. It includes functions to auto update or install the Troi URL plugin on any desktop as part of its operation. You can use an unregistered version of USPS_Verify with the demo verification server but it must be licensed in order to use it in a live solution.

USPS_Verify 1.1 has been updated to use the Troi URL plugin version 2.0 


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