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Waves in Motion Plug-Ins Developed for Earlier Versions of FileMaker

We are proud to be the only authorized reseller for Waves in Motion products.

And ... we are the only source for a number of Waves in Motion plug-ins that were developed for earlier versions of FileMaker Pro (4/5/6).

The following Waves in Motion Plug-Ins are available only from our site.

Important Note: These plug-ins were developed prior to the release of FileMaker 7/8. Although some of them may work with FileMaker 7/8, some of them may not.

There are currently no plans to upgrade this group of plug-ins. If you are considering using them with FileMaker 7/8 it is our suggestion that you download the demo version and try them before you buy them.

As demos are offered on all products listed here, we suggest you test the demo before you buy. We are unable to refund any purchases.

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