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Creating a Custom Solution with DataIsland Software is your best choice because:

  • We have a FileMaker 7 Certified Developer on staff
  • We have experience with companies large and small
  • We are FileMaker beta testers and were involved with both FileMaker 7 and 8
  • We are a Member of the FSA (FileMaker Solutions Alliance)
  • We use the building block approach to database development to save our clients time and money.

The experts at DataIsland Software have already spent considerable time and effort developing and perfecting the basic building blocks of effective database development.

There’s no need to “re-invent the wheel” for each new project. Our experts can pick and choose from tried and true routines, scripts, custom functions, layouts and more to build your solution quickly and efficiently.

You still get a custom solution specific to your needs and your company.

No more trying to fit your methods and approach to off-the-shelf software that only frustrates you with lack of flexibility and features. Now you can have a truly powerful solution specific to your needs, industry and company.

Isn’t it time you had a custom solution that fits your needs?

The first hour of consultation is always No Charge at DataIsland Software.

Give us a call or email us using the form above.

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